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The hardest thing in the world to understand is the income tax.”  – Albert Einstein

Each year taxpayers overpay billions of dollars simply because they fail to claim all their entitled deductions and credits.

Tax planning is a process that involves more than filing a tax return. It is a 365-day process which involves coordination with all your financial matters to maximize your savings. Working with our experienced team at CIC ensures that you are utilizing as many deductions as possible and that tax strategies are being implemented so that you are paying the least amount of tax possible. Plus, in addition to filing your current year’s tax return, we will also review your prior year’s tax returns to determine if a reassessment may be in order. When a reassessment is in order, there is the probability that you may be entitled to a refund or credit.

 We can assist you with the following Tax Returns:

  • Personal
  • Taxes for post-secondary students
  • Trust and Estate, Final Returns
  • Self-Employment
  • Rentals
  • Commission
  • Charitable giving

NEW I am a CIC Client, is there a deadline to submit my tax slips?
If you are a CIC Client this is a complimentary service as part of your full-service package. In order to ensure ALL our clients have their returns submitted on time we require all tax slips by APRIL 15th of the tax year.

What do I need to submit to CIC for my tax preparation?
If you are not sure what you may need to submit we’ve created a Personal Income Tax Return Checklist with all the information we will need to complete your return.

NEW When are tax forms typically sent out?

Tax forms you may expect in March
• T4 – Employment Income
• T4RSP – RRRSP Income
• T4RIF – RIF Income
• T4A – Other sources of income (incl. pensions, annuities, RESP payments, self-employment commissions, scholarships and more
• T4A (OAS) – Old Age Security
• T4A (P) – CPP or QPP benefit
• T4E – Employment Insurance Income
• T5 – Investment Income incl. interest from bank accounts
• T5007 – Workers compensation/social assistance benefit
• T5013 – Partnership Income
• T2202A -Tuition, available online

Tax forms you may expect in April
• T3 – Allocations or distributions from trusts (incl. segregated funds, mutual funds and exchange-traded funds)

Who do I send my tax forms to?
As an added convenience, please scan and email your tax documents to our dedicated tax email address:  taxdocuments@cicfinancial.ca.

What are the Marginal tax rates for 2016 and 2017?
Click here for Marginal Tax Rates 2016 and 2017