"We have been clients for 9 years or so, on a recommendation from a Dofasco co-worker. We couldn’t be more happy. We really love that personal feeling when we come in and you greet us by name and with a hug too! We are at an age where conversations are all about your aches and pains and your retirement investments, and your name comes up frequently. We trust you so completely with our investments and are confident that we could find nobody better, and recommend you to all our friends/family. Thank you for your great work.”

Augusto and Linda Pazzi

"My wife and I had been with the same Financial Advisor going on 15 years and were considering a change. We met with a few different Advisors and none stood out until we met Brad. Where most would tell us how poorly our Advisor had invested our money and proceed to regurgitate a number of common investment approaches, Brad told us the opposite, that our Advisor had done very well and that there were only a few minor tweaks he would make once he better understood our risk tolerance. At no time was there ever any pressure to move our business to CIC. We eventually made the decision to move our business to CIC and we are extremely glad we did."

Blair and Cindy Haskins

“CIC Financial group to me is the definition of a “TEAM” that knows what teamwork is. The employee’s all have individual skills/knowledge that combined can help their clients achieve their financial goals.”

Dave Butka

"My wife Cari and I were referred to CIC by friends of ours. We were talking about retirement during a visit with them one day and I must have voiced how disappointed I was with the performance of our investments and what retirement might look like for us based on that. They, on the other hand, had experienced much different results and I wanted to know who was managing their money. The rest is history. I have been pleased with the way Brad and his team take a holistic approach to the investment strategy. They not only look at the immediate investment plan, but everything else that is related to it; life insurance, taxes, estate management, properties, wills etc. They are very approachable and the questions you may have don’t necessarily have to be directly related to your investments. You almost feel like family. I would definitely recommend, (and I do whenever I get a chance ) CIC to others."

D. Cascioli

"CIC Financial Group has an open manner of doing business. I conduct business with CIC Financial Group cost on return, the one-on-one contact and tutorials to help me understand the current condition, future expectations. I decided to select CIC Financial Group as my one-stop Financial shop because of the one-on-one consultation. They differ from the competition because of their feedback and ease to contact. I would recommend them to others and already have. "

Steve Hitchings

"We are extremely happy dealing with the CIC Financial Group. We decided to invest with them because not only were they (Brad) highly recommended by our friends but they also go out of their way to make you feel like an important investment family member. The staff are amazing!"

A.C. & K.C.

"For the last ten years I have been a client at CIC Financial. Their excellent service and guidance have always been there for me. I would recommend them as a positive creative partner in developing financial security."

J. Ruckpaul

"Service! Thorough! Response time! Friendly! Highly knowledgeable! Recommended! Thank you all at CIC Financial Group."

Pinter Family (Four Generations)

"I met Brad and his team about 12 years ago, and was impressed from my first meeting with his full attention to all my family’s financial needs. I get prompt answers to my inquiries and questions, and know he has our best interest when he replies. Not often I recommend services for consideration, but Brad’s group I have."

K Lewis

"The CIC office is very friendly. I have shown up unexpectedly and they are always accommodating. You always feel welcome when you’re in the office. From the start, CIC has always answered all our questions. We have felt comfortable with their handling of our finances. I was very close to retirement and the previous company was doing nothing. A friend referred CIC to us. Brad had already mapped out a plan that set us up for the rest of our lives. The plan made sense and I retired within a few weeks. CIC is much more organized and professional than any company we’ve dealt with. I have also never been able to get answers and to talk to someone so quickly every time. I have and will continue to refer CIC to family and friends."

A. Zamprogna

"Love the prompt professional service, sound advice and "client comes" first attitude. Brad has the ability to communicate with you, so you can understand everything about your finances. Brad goes out of his way to help you sound advise."

Chuck Sipos

"The CIC Financial team is a group of compassionate, caring individuals who have proven not only their outstanding ability to handle my investments, they have also demonstrated many times over that they care more about their clients and their personal situations than what they as a Financial organization gain. Brad and his team were always available to answer any questions (big or small) and were ready and willing to help guide me and care for me through a very challenging time in my life. What began as a business relationship, now feels more like family to me. If you are looking for an amazing team to work with, look no further; CIC Financial is the cream of the crop!"

Kelly Gyoker

"I have known Brad for decades. He has always been proactive in getting me all the best of his services and has always explained things in a way that a simple laymen like myself could understand. He further instilled his professionalism and mannerisms to his fine team. Including his easy to navigate and follow through website, simple yet thorough. He also keeps his clients formative, by sending out useful information. As he says "Little is More" Thank you Brad and your team

Jim Szabo