Top 10 Reasons why we want you as a client!

The initial meetings between CIC Financial and a potential client are information gathering sessions for both sides and, hopefully, the first stages in establishing a long term relationship. Throughout this initial interview process you not only decide if our services can be of benefit to you but we also determine if you will be a good fit here at CIC Financial. Some of the criteria which we use to determine this are listed below. If the majority of these apply to you then we believe that a long term relationship would be mutually beneficial and that you will be extremely satisfied with the services which we offer.

  1. You are a good saver
  2. You are responsible and want to make the best decisions you can for you and your family
  3. You do not want to rely solely on the government or your company pension for your retirement
  4. You understand the value in receiving professional input from an experienced financial advisor
  5. You believe in your long-term goals and are committed to making them happen
  6. You are honest and objective about your entire financial situation
  7. You do not have the time or inclination to figure out the complex arena of financial planning
  8. You do not let your emotions overcome logic and rationale in your financial decisions
  9. You do not treat your long term retirement savings as a short term bank account
  10. You have realistic goals and expectations
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